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Our Clinical Academic Fellow Lorraine Armstrong blogs about sharing ideas and inspiration at the 20th International Quality Forum in London last week. #Quality2015

Global Nursing Network Blog

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Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland and the Netherlands. Our vision of becoming a ‘global’ network of nurses may require just that little bit longer to expand. However, our vision of becoming a ‘vibrant network of nurses with a passion for improving quality of patient care and experience whilst collaborating to share learning and practice’, is expanding well. And, it’s about ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’ – right?

Well, our session at the 20th International Quality Forum in London most certainly represented ‘quality’. More specifically, our intention was to identify how nurses use social media to improve and provide quality patient care. The responses shared amongst the group came from Henrietta, Annabeth, Debbie, Amanda, Bethan, Avilene, Kirsty, Geraldine, Rhianna, ourselves, and later Maureen. Angela also facilitated our live Tweet chat and we used responses from this inter-changeably to generate conversation (well done Angela!!)

quality 2015

We had a relatively informal, yet semi-structured discussion which suited our…

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Getting past assumptions about putting ideas into practice

Speech & Language Therapy in Practice #speechmag

What matters to us opens us to new ideas. As clinicians or researchers, we don’t make sense of an idea as a free-floating ‘thing’ but through how it relates to our practice. If we think it might help us make enough of a difference, we put effort into understanding the idea and bringing it to life. Doing this can involve a variety of intellectual, social and practical work. As this is a time-consuming but largely invisible process, sharing different experiences may help us to value and find ways of supporting it more effectively. My PhD therefore involves hearing about speech and language therapists’ experiences of putting ideas into practice.

One problem arises when we have a hunch that an idea is worth following up, but the gulf between what we know and what we think we need to know about it is overwhelmingly vast. In designing my PhD study, for…

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