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What makes an outstanding graduate nurse?

What key attributes and qualities will distinguish graduate nurses of the School of Health Sciences, University of Stirling?
Dr Cari Malcolm has blogged about our Curriculum 2016 development – she’s asking students and graduates and would like to hear from you!

University of Stirling: World Nursing 2016

Photo of student nurses in a practical class

We all know changes are afoot in terms of health and social care requirements and provision.

Over the next decade care will continue to become more community and primary care-based with less and less focus on hospitals.  Our population will continue to grow and age and care requirements will become more complex as we live longer with multiple long term conditions. Technology will continue to advance at an exponential rate yielding growth of new technologies and the increased emphasis on e-health.  All of these factors give us reason to consider what skills our future nurses will require to practice in such a dynamic and ever-changing health and social care environment.

As providers of undergraduate nursing education, be it in a practice, administrative, research or teaching capacity, we are ALL investors in our future nurses. With the curriculum 2016 developments under way we are afforded an opportunity to anticipate the future…

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